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(Michael Downey) #1

The Open Source Center works with a wide variety of software projects serving the international development and humanitarian response sectors. We’re always interested to learn about and discuss new/upcoming projects, as well as learn about opportunities for projects to collaborate together. This is the place for all of those discussions! If you are a small project that is already participating in the Open Source Center in some way, and your project is looking for a basic venue to start your own project discussions, you are also welcome to a sub-category here; please make a request in the #site-feedback category.

(Amany9000) #2

@downey, I am developing a dApp in Solidity which I think can be quite helpful to NGOs and other non-profits in improving trust and transparency. How can I apply? Are projects under development eligible? Thanks in advance.

(Robby O'Connor) #3

Have you had a peek at http://docs.osc.dial.community/en/latest/self-assessment.html ??

(Amany9000) #4

Great. It says I have to discuss the project with someone at OSC. So should I discuss it here or can I PM you ?

(Robby O'Connor) #5

Not part of OSC officially – @downey is probably who you should contact.

(Amany9000) #6

Ok thanls, I have PM him on Zulip, but there has been no reply.

(Robby O'Connor) #7

He is hopefully sleeping :slight_smile:

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(Michael Downey) #8

@amany9000 We don’t currently have any opportunities open for grants or other activities such as GCI or Outreachy, but they are always announced here. So you’re in the right place – keep your eyes open for new announcements and feel free to start or join discussions until then!

Some folks may enjoy hearing more about your project. Want to start a new topic here in #projects with an overview?

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