Decision Making Process: Recommendations

Developers who have earned the trust of maintainers and the project lead can be promoted to Maintainer. A two-stage mechanism is used: Nomination: A maintainer should nominate himself by proposing a patch to the MAINTAINERS file or posting a nomination to the project’s category on the Open Source Center forums. Alternatively, another maintainer may nominate a community member. A nomination should explain the contributions of proposed maintainer to the project as well as a scope (set of owned components). Where the case is not obvious, evidence such as specific patches and other evidence supporting the nomination should be cited. Confirmation: Normally, there is no need for a direct election to confirm a new maintainer. Discussion should happen in the forums using the principles of consensus decision making. If there is disagreement or doubt, the project lead or a committer should ask the Director of Community to arrange a more formal vote. Committer Elections Developers who have earned the trust of committers in their sub-project can through election be promoted to Committer. A two-stage mechanism is used:

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