Endless OS & mirrors in Southeast Asia, Latin America & Africa

(Sumana Harihareswara) #1

The Endless folks make an OS & desktop computers meant for businesses & individuals in emerging markets and developing countries, especially with spotty Internet access.

They’d like to set up mirrors to help people download Endless OS faster in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa - blog post, instructions for becoming a mirror. I thought the OSC DIAL community might include people with servers in those places who could help them. Thanks!

(Michael Downey) #2

Great opportunity!

So much of the global south could benefit from reliable local & regional mirrors, especially when it comes to downloading large files. There has been some of this happen in the past through the large academic institutions. I hope that they see some success!

Particularly with Africa, even with the major cloud providers starting to deploy sites in South Africa, most connectivity is routed out through undersea cables that really slow things down. Very little connectivity through the interior of the continent.