Open Hardware projects

(Michael Christopher) #1

Michael - does DIAL also have a community / group for OS hardware? Also, is anyone trying to build anything w/ used computer/ phone parts?

Just came across RACHEL and thought it might be useful for the community, but not necessarily for the OS software community.



(Michael Downey) #3

Hi Mike! We haven’t really spent much time look at the Open Hardware movement and projects active there. That said, I did hear a lot of discussion about open hardware at FOSDEM last month, and there seems to be growing interest in how the Open Hardware projects and work closer with Open Source Software projects. After all, a lot of hardware these days requires some kind of software to be fully functional!

RACHEL looks like an interesting initiative, and they seem to have a growing & active community at

Do other folks know about projects that are thinking about bridging this gap? At a bare minimum it’d be useful to raise awareness of opportunities, and potentially chances to collaborate!

(Jeffrey Warren) #4

Hi! Public Lab also hosts a wide range of open hardware projects, although with a focus on environment and science:

We def. welcome other projects to host on our platform!